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Они не прилетели, но обещали вернуться

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29 сентября к нам должна была приехать группа Talco, но сегодня они сказали:
We are sorry to anounce that we need to cancel the show this thursday in Minsk. We tried everything possible to play the show, but it didn't work out. So what happened? Too make it short: problems with the flights and visas.The full story goes like that: The plan was to fly in and play Kiev on wednesday and then travel to minsk. Unluckily the Kiev show was cancelled and on top we had problems and delays with our russian visas, so we won't have our passports before Wednesday, so we could not even fly to kiev, even if there would have been a show. We checked the possibilty to fly to Minsk directly and do last minute visas at the airport, but this didn't work out as well, especially as flight prices to Minsk are more than double than to Moscow or Kiev. We are sorry for all the people that wanted to see the show, as well the promoters in Minsk who tried everything to make it happen!! We hope we can come one day to Minsk cause we know how many people wanna see us there!

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